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So you have a mustang, and like many other mustang owners you want more power... but don't know where to start. This guide should help guide you in the right direction as far as getting the best bang for your buck. But if you are serious about gaining some real horsepower than you must check out our Power Adders section.

The two modifications most commonly installed on mustangs are Cold Air Intakes, and Exhaust. This is because they are both relatively inexpensive, and very easy to do.

A Cold Air Intake basically works by replacing your current / stock mustang air intake tube and filter, and replacing it with a higher flowing one. Most aftermarket mustang cold air intakes have a wider diameter, and feature a high-flow air filter like a K&N. ( also, if you are just looking for something really quick, cheap, and easy.. you could simply replace your factory air filter with a K&N filter and gain 3-5 horsepower for about $40).

When it come to exhaust, you have many more options.. some mustang owners will just change out their mufflers and tailpipes, others go with a 'cat-back exhaust system', or even a full exhaust system with long-tube headers, all the way back. We have created a page just for Mustang Exhaust Systems, so check it out.

The next most common modification is underdrive pulleys. Put your hood and you'll see a pulley circulating in front of your engine. That pulley is driving all the different accessories (such as Air Conditioning, the Water Pump, etc..) which make your car operate. But it takes energy to turn those pulleys, so many people are switching to smaller sized pulleys so that it takes less energy to operate those accessories... and therefore more horsepower is free'd up.

There is much more to come, please support, and click one of the links above.