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The Mustang Giugiaro Concept is believed to contain many of the styling cues for the next generation mustang (2009-2010).

The fact that Ford outsourced a design project to the Italians should be surprising enough. But the fact that some of the designs might see their way into the 2009/2010 Mustang is even more surprising.

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2009 Mustang Giugiaro Concept

2009 Mustang Concept Rear
Could this be the start of the new 2009-2010 Ford Mustang?

2009 Mustang Concept Roof
The concept features an all new, single glass panel spanning from the front of the car, all the way to the rear. Ford has been caught up in the same styling cues for many years now, and wanted a fresh new perspective for this concept. It is being speculated that many of the designs in this concept will likely make it into production. (Presumably the single glass roof panel, and vertical doors will not).

2009 Mustang Concept Front
The front end does indeed look similar to the 2010 concept sketches that were leaked earlier this year.

2009 Mustang Concept Front Bumper
While the concept does retain many of the styling from the previous generation, no one can deny that is far different than any mustang we've seen before.

2009 Mustang Concept Glass Roof Panel
The all glass roof can be seen from this picture. Because of its high cost it is highly unlikely that the flowing glass roof/windshield will make it into final production. The single piece of curved glass is made of a new type of crystal which filters out all of the UVA rays, while still providing a panoramic view.

2009 Mustang Concept Interior
The interior has a rustic/cowboy look about it, most will not like it... but then again that is why they call it a concept.

2009 Mustang Giugiaro 2009 Mustang Giugiaro Concept
Those quarter window louvres are indeed glass, using a previous design idea and incorporating it in a new way.

2009 Mustang Features
Many of its features would not be able to make it into a sub $20,000 car (Ford's bread and butter v6), but it is likely that this is the direction the S197 platform is headed.

2009 Mustang Giuriaro tail lights
The tail lights along with the panoramic roof, are definately the two features which are very different than the mustangs of old.

2009 Mustang Giuriaro tail lights
Close-up view of the new tail light design.

2010 Mustang Giuriaro top roof
At first glance, one would not think of this concept as a Mustang.

2010 Mustang Giuriaro vertical doors
Perhaps one of the least likely features of the Giugiaro to appear in a production vehicle are its vertical doors.

All in all this is a very different design done by Fabrizio Giugiaro, and although it is not generally the direction Ford was going with the Mustang. Some of the outside styling help could go a long way to keep the Mustang alive for many many years to come.