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Body Kits for the 2005 Ford Mustang & Ground Effects

For New 2005 Mustangs
The new 2005 Ford Mustang basically just came out, and there are already some nice body kits & ground effects available for them. The page is a listing with information on 2005 Mustang Body Kits for both V6 and GT Mustangs.

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2005 Saleen Mustang Body Kit

When it comes to Mustangs, they are the most modified cars on the market. A large portion of the people who buy them upgrade them. So many aftermarket companies sprung up over the years, and made their version of the 'Mustang'. Only ONE has TRULY sustained the test of time...
And that Mustang is the 'SALEEN' !

Saleen's new center exhaust option, (similar to the S351).

Looks great, and comes with the exhaust systen.

Rear Dual Center Exhaust on 2005 Saleen Mustang

Front Fascia View... and Hood.

Full kit installed.

Front Fascia and Roof on 2005 Saleen Mustang